Why can’t you count words in the Google Docs App?

If you use Google Docs on your computer you probably love the ability to move from device to device and still access your work. No more flash drives, no more cumbersome process of downloading and uploading files you are working on – and no more confusion about what version is on the screen too. Google Docs is such an asset it has caught many people off guard to find out that some features, like word count, aren’t available in the App version. Even after several updates, and many complaints, it’s as if Google doesn’t think it is important.

What it says about the whole Google Drive

So why can’t you count words in the Docs App when you can in the desktop version, and more importantly, who cares about word count? Word count is exceedingly important when it comes to writing and editing documents. This is becoming more of a specialized skill in all industries, which may explain why you can only count words in the desk top version. The majority of business people need the ability to read a document on the go – they aren’t writing it. By not adding in this feature to the latest release of the Docs App, despite it being one of the most complained about things, shows that Google isn’t interested in catering to “that” crowd on mobile devices. They are looking for the worker bees, not the innovators; with good reason, there are a lot more of the former than the latter.

Where are the institutional customers going to go?

Writing and editing documents requires word counts. This is the type of business process that is going to become more and more specialized as the years go by, especially on mobile devices. In the same way that the transition from Unix language to use the Internet to GUI applications; the specialty work of producing and editing documents is slowly leaving the general workforce. Google may be making an advanced decision to push that crowd over to another company.

Making the BlackBerry Passport look a little bit like a plan

Think about the recent release of the BlackBerry Passport and the care with which the keyboard was kept integrated in the enlarged touchscreen body and you could almost concoct a conspiracy theory that Google plans to “let” them have the people who need to get work done on their devices. The rest of the world needs buttons to push and word entry, heavier duty applications may be left to other companies to develop on separate devices.

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