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Many people are seeking alternatives to the traditional TV set and movie rental. One such alternative is using a video streaming service to enjoy one’s favorite TV shows and movies.…

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America loves its smartphone, so why isn’t there a cheap and fully functional smartphone available in the country? The low end phones still cost more than most phones in other…

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Netflix is shaking up the television industry by offering a streaming service of unique programming to subscribers that rivals cable TVs offerings. For many consumers, this is heralding the future…

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If you are interested in getting into affiliate marketing, like so many others have recently, then you will want to make sure that you are focusing on your success.  You…

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4k video TVs are starting to appear at consumer trade shows and generate a lot of interest, the question is whether or not this technology is going to ever reach…

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In last few years, busy consumers have tried to find ways to save time by cutting out wasteful errands and tasks. One new tactic is the increasing use of online…

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