Is Your IT Setup Ready For The Cloud?

digital-marketingCloud computing has grown from being a concept on paper into a crucial element of modern enterprise IT solutions. This comes as the need to cut costs, boost efficiency and streamline operations continues to grow in importance in the business world. The applications and resources offered by most service providers also make cloud computing viable for organizations of all kinds.

Shortchanged Expectations

Often, companies move their workloads to the cloud with huge expectations. With time, however, a good number of them find that the benefits associated with cloud computing haven’t materialized. In particular, most managers find that the access to readily available resources they were promised hasn’t lived up to expectations.

But whose fault is it, one might ask? Amid the excitement surrounding the cloud, it’s important to keep in mind that it’s just but a single piece of the IT puzzle. As such, the benefits you stand to gain will only materialize if your network allows it. In other words, you still need to invest in improving your in-house infrastructure even after you’ve shifted your operations to the cloud.

Just as a plumbing system can be affected by a single clogged pipe, a neglected network can also get in the way of the great user-experience most people expect of cloud computing. And the reason is simple — the cloud transforms the role of the network, along with the accompanying software and hardware, which ultimately diminishes the potential benefits one stands to gain from the platform. Any organization seeking to get the most out of cloud services should thus examine their network to see what upgrades would be required to do so.

Getting Ready for the Cloud

Having a good idea of the kind of applications you’re going to deploy will help you prepare your network accordingly. To ensure you do this right, you might want to work with an expert to help you figure out how you’ll get your infrastructure ready for the cloud. In fact, having the same vendor take care of the whole process, from the initial assessment to application deployment can make things much easier for your company. With a good provider, you can rest assured that you’ll get the great network services Winnipeg firms get from the cloud.

Thanks to cloud services, start-up enterprises of today are able to take advantage of enterprise IT solutions that are flexible enough to support growth, but don’t require much in the way of capital expenditure. Still, your ability to harness the power of the cloud all comes down to how well your infrastructure can cope with the platform. So before moving your company to the cloud, have a professional take a look at your IT setup to see what issues need will need to be fixed first.