The Perfect Video Service

shootingMany people are seeking alternatives to the traditional TV set and movie rental. One such alternative is using a video streaming service to enjoy one’s favorite TV shows and movies. The three main video streaming services that are available for less than $10 a month each include: Netflix and Internet TVNetflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu Plus. Each service comes with its own advantages as well as its own disadvantages.


Netflix is one of the older services that started out with providing customers with DVD rentals each month before providing the streaming service. Members of Netflix can choose the DVD or the streaming service for around $8 a month each, or combine the two for $15 dollars a month. The content on Netflix includes many new and old shows and movies, as well as holds a monopoly on all Disney Channel shows. Netflix also streams its own produced shows available exclusively on the site.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime is a yearly subscription of $80 for express delivery of its products, discounts on products, and exclusive streaming of thousands of shows and movies. The content includes mostly newer shows and movies, and also includes many old Nickelodeon programs. The search engine for shows and movies is a little challenging to navigate for browsing…one almost has to know exactly what one wishes to watch to see if it is offered. Amazon also has several shows and movies that the company created and they are free for Amazon Prime members. This is the only service that charges yearly, though the price for month is about the same as the other two.

Hulu Plus

Hulu Plus offers many older shows as well as many new shows…this is the only service that provides recently aired content within a day (sometime a week) of airing. The price per month is $8 and the service is the only one of the three that come with commercials and ads, which are just as frequent as watching television but not as long. There are a few movies, mostly independent, older, or generic family films. The service also has a lot of full seasons of ABC and NBC shows.

The Perfect Service

Each of the above video streaming services provides different shows and movies—as such there is not exact perfect choice, one must decide which shows one want access to before choosing one, two, or all three services.