What do you get when you mix two ambitious guys with probiotics, vitamins and protein? You get delicious Maia, an authentic Swiss-style yogurt. Maia is yogurt as super-food, infused with a well-researched combination of high-energy, healthy ingredients, and Hamilton Colwell and Jonathan Miller-Meeks are the minds behind it.

“Maia actually started when Hamilton set out to develop a healthier, really great tasting yogurt for his pregnant cousin,” says Jonathan, a Rowayton resident.  “I mean, he literally started cooking yogurt on his stove in his apartment. People loved it and he started to think, ‘Wow, maybe I really have something here.’ So, still working full time in finance, he started using his free time to meet with dairy farmers, go to food shows, ask people in the industry how to take something from a pot on your stove to huge hundred gallon vats. He had to figure out production first.”

Since then, Hamilton and his team, including Jonathon, who works as a marketer for Maia, have figured out more than production. Lately, they’re busy breaking into the retail market, including Stew Leonard’s which now carries Maia. “Stew’s is just terrific,” Jonathon tells me. “They carry really good quality stuff, and they make a point to look out for the local guys, like us.”

In fact, that’s exactly how I met Jonathon and first tested out Maia. While doing my weekly shopping, Jonathon stopped me and gave me and my young daughter samples of this new yogurt. As Jonathon was touting the nutritional value to me, my little one was reaching out for another taste. When I saw her reaction, I was sold.

“It’s gluten-free, rBST-free and has less than four grams of added cane sugar,” says Jonathon. Low in sugar, and my four-year-old eats it. What’s not to love?

“It was developed with the goal of helping women stay healthy,” Jonathon says. “That was the inspiration. But everyone needs protein and vitamins and minerals. And this is a delicious way to get those things in your diet. It’s one of the reasons we call it ‘inspired nutrition.’”

Right now, Maia makes three flavors, vanilla, blueberry and strawberry. Look for them to roll out some new flavors in the coming months. You can find them in the dairy department at Stew Leonard’s. You might find Jonathon there, too. Introduce yourself, and ask him to share the skinny on Maia with you.

Have you tried Maia? Will you now that you know it’s both healthy and local? Share your comments here, or email me at .