The recent -- and seemingly endless -- snowfalls and cold weather might be annoying, troublesome and whine-worthy. But a contingent of the population affected by adverse weather never complains. Your pet. And the inclement weather is less an inconvenience to animals than a potential threat to their health.

To ensure the safety of outdoor pets, Drs. Steven and Noel Zeide of Stamford’s Bull’s Head Pet Hospital offer some tips.

“We strongly suggest each pet get a ‘Winter Tune-up’ as soon as the weather starts getting colder,” says Dr. Steven Zeide, the father of Dr. Noel Zeide and a Stamford vet for 35 years.

“Make sure their pads and the fur between their toes are clipped so as not to get iced up in the snow, especially if there’s rock salt on the ground. Also, make sure your outside pets are keeping up enough weight and not getting too thin, as this can be harmful if they’re out for long periods.”

Noel Zeide recommends you check for leaking containers of anti-freeze and chemicals in your garage that can be toxic to pets. “Animals love the sweet taste of many chemicals and this can cause a lot of damage,” he adds.

One thing that can’t be stressed enough is the potential for cats in particular to get up under the hood of your car where it’s warm, cozy and dangerous.

“We suggest you lift the hood of your car at night so any furry friends will not get too comfortable,” says Noel Zeide.

“Veterinary medicine parallels pediatric medicine, so treat your pets just as you would a young child,” adds Steven Zeide.

Click here for more information about keeping your pets safe during the winter. Also, visit the ASCPA website for additional tips.

Tell us what things you do to keep your pets safe in cold, icy weather and send in your pet photos. We'll put them up on The Daily Stamford.