Many kids seem born knowing how to work an iPad and master any new video game. But these hobbies often lead to inactivity. That is why Keith Camhi decided to combine physical activity with technology at his gym Great Play.

“It’s a source of them becoming couch potatoes,” says Camhi, co-founder and CEO of Great Play. “We have turned the table on that.” Great Play serves children from the age of 6-and-a-half months through fifth grade, offering a variety of interactive programs, he says.

Younger children play games such as hide-and-go seek with Buddy, the animated mascot of Great Play, with the kids running around to find Buddy. The computers, projection screens and sensors allow the older kids to walk into a crowded arena or throw pitches and have an interactive umpire calling strikes and balls.

The interactive arena at Great Play is always being updated and changed. A total of 18 to 30 classes are offered for each program, with six to 10 activities per class. The equipment is moved around the room like a stage during a play, Camhi says. “They’re never sitting around, they are always moving,” he says, describing how it keeps the kids active.

Camhi and his wife, Jyl, started Great Play to develop motor and sport skills in kids and to instill in them confidence and an enjoyment of sports.

The Camhis idea has taken off since they opened the gym in Stamford in 2004. There are 10 Great Plays across the nation, and they are starting to see the younger siblings of older students take classes, too.

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