Kaia Yoga Complete Wellness Center, a state of the art full-spectrum yoga and wellness studio in Westport, is celebrating its one year anniversary. And the people behind the 10,000 square foot space -- among the largest yoga studios on the East Coast -- are throwing themselves a party, and everyone is invited.

Owners Stan Woodman and Gina Norman named the studio after their four-year-old daughter Kaia (derived from Greek, meaning "pure"). They are both devoted yogis who have both practiced and taught yoga throughout the world. "Once you begin to practice yoga and become more aware of your body, everything else starts to fall into place," says Stan.

Kaia Yoga will celebrate its birthday June 1 through 5 with events that are free and open to the community. "This year our Westport space has attracted thousands of new students, and it is amazing to see the friendships and connections that have developed around Kaia, which has become an oasis for healthy living as well as resource for moms through education, our supervised playroom, yummy organic food and a huge schedule of workshops from shamanism and yoga to Lamaze and nutrition," says Gina.

"We are so excited for our anniversary week in Westport, and to celebrate with the community that has supported and created this amazing center for self-discovery. We are especially excited for the day of free yoga that we are offering our students, without them this wonderful year would not have been possible," Stan Woodman said.

Among the highlights of the celebration are a "Friends of Kaia Yoga" reception featuring a keynote address by author Beryl Bender Birch, the creator of Power Yoga. There will also be free juice tonics from the Kaia Yoga Juice Bar, as well as a raw food tasting and a demonstration of the most difficult yoga poses by the studio's top instructors.

Kaia is located at 1200 Post Road East in Westport. Visit Kaia Yoga  for more information about the celebration events.

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