Darien native Topher Grace will be returning to his hometown this summer to film a movie with Robert De Niro. The star of "That 70s Show" announced Monday night in an interview with Conan O'Brien that the filming of "Gently Down the Stream" will begin shooting in July in Darien.

O'Brien said, "That is everyone's dream. That you get cast in a movie with someone as mega-famous as Robert De Niro and then it's shot in your hometown."

"Or their nightmare," Grace joked. "My big thing that I'm nervous about is that I tried really hard, because my family lives on the East Coast, to not invite them to too much stuff because Hollywood can be kind of a tricky, weird place. But now I can't avoid it because it's going to be in my hometown. So I feel like my mom's going to have to drive me to work in the morning."

The actor moved away from Darien when he was 12 to attend boarding school, but his parents still live in town and he visits often. He joked with O'Brien that his bedroom has not changed since he was 12.

"I've got a bunk bed, glow-in-the-dark stars, all the dinosaur toys. And I stay there once or twice a year, like over Christmas, so I'm going to live there this summer. I'm going to sleep in my bunk bed."

"I really hope that De Niro comes over and visits you," O'Brien quipped, adding that De Niro could share the bottom bunk of Grace's bed.

The film also stars Diane KeatonAmanda Seyfried and New Canaan native Katherine Heigl and will be directed by Justin Zackham, who also wrote the script. Grace will play Jared — the son of De Niro's and Keaton's characters — who falls in love with his adopted brother's sister.

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