Ross Kennedy drew lines that curled up, swirled around and veered down as he created an image on a blank sheet of paper during an art workshop at the Ferguson Library on Thursday. He had an idea about what he wanted to draw, but he still needed a few tips.

“I learned a couple of things about art and how to draw,” the 13-year-old seventh-grader said about the workshop. “I learned how to take a word and draw different aspects of that word just using your mind and a pencil.”

That was the point of the two-hour workshop — a draw-in, as it was called — held in support of the library’s art contest. Youngsters and teens are asked to create a drawing that illustrates the phrase “Think Globally Read Locally.” That’s the theme of this year’s Summer Reading Club.

The winner of the contest, as judged by library personnel and youth group, will receive a $25 gift certificate from Michael’s Arts and Crafts, and his or her name and artwork will be on all 2011 reading club materials.

Although the art contest has been conducted for several years, “this is the second year we’ve done this draw-in,” said teen librarian Steve Zampino. He came up with the idea and secured New York-based cartoonist Tom Hart to instruct.

About 20 youngsters participated. They were not required to submit created works, but they were encouraged to do so. “I just enjoy art, and it sounded fun to enter a competition,” said 11-year-old Wesley Midy. Lalith Goli, 9, said, “I really like drawing. I want to be an artist.”

The contest is open for submissions through Monday, Feb. 28. The winner will be announced next month.

Did you or your child enter the Ferguson Library's "Think Globally Read Locally" art contest?