Race day is finally here for runners from Fairfield County who have been training for the Boston Marathon. Monday at 10 a.m., runners from Main Street Connect communities will be making the 26.2 mile run from Hopkinton, Mass., to Boston. The weather forecast appears favorable for runners. Temperatures are expected to be in the mid-50s at the race's start. Wind, however, could be an issue. The forecast calls for wind nearing 17 mph.

According to the Boston Marathon website, the following runners from Main Street Connect communities are registered for the marathon:

Norwalk: Roberta Andreasi, Ronnie Behringer, Yolande Miracle Colburn, Tim Perry, Ed Peters, Kathryn (Kate) Stoker and Mark Willkeher.

Stamford: Alison Baker, Christina Batton, Theo Chisholm, Adam Daniels, Kevin Doonan, Jeff Englander, Briana Fedele, Mary Fredrickson, Candice Green, Katie Olson, Michael Vogt, Claire Walsh, Jeffrey Watson and Daniel Willey.

Greenwich: Edith Cooper, Antoinette Decker, Charlotte Dequeker, Scott Fahe, Brooke Garden, Sarah Goldstein, Carol Layton, Hugo Mujica and Josha Schott.

Riverside: Mark Fitzpatrick, Peter Mullen and Sharon Vos.

Old Greenwich: Renata Britto-Pereira, Alicia Collier, Tracey Doucette and John Krasniewicz.

Fairfield: Christopher Barrett, Kevin Dailey, Danaan Davidson, Kathryn Day, Matthew Day, Robert Gallace, Christine Gannon, Jeannine Graf, Lisa Joaquim, Keri Mckay, Jeffrey Nickell, Anne Regan and Katina Wolfe.

Westport: Blake Benke, Marc Landy, Roger Machilis, Jason Martin, John McCabe, Kathy Muro, Amy Orenstein and Christina Robeson.

Wilton: Mike Amato, Mark Bego and Kimberly Tully.

New Canaan: Juan Fernando, Melissa Cutler, Kathleen Kilbride, Michael Nurzia, Alicia O'Neill, Dana Perry, Thomas Robey and Lisa Tuffy.

Weston: Josh Cohen, Jean Paul Desrosiers and Emily Locher.

Darien: Windsor Hall, Liz Herbert, Tom Holland, Heather Knight Pech, Michelle McNulty, Heidi Mitchell, Keith Mitchell, Burt Palmer, Peter Pfister, Michael Pond, Raul Riveros, Bridget Rudner, Josephine Velazquez-Rucquoi, Robert Warnock and Brad Wellington.

Good luck runners!

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