Stamford Kids Learn Lesson in Science From Legos

by Felicia Hunter02/14/11

Robots are being deployed to undertake several medical missions: A broken bone must be set, a pacemaker must be inserted and a syringe needs to be repositioned. A group of fifth-graders was charged with making sure the robot correctly executed all those tasks during the Jr. FIRST Lego League Exposition in the gym at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering in Stamford.

"It's actually a lot of fun. I learned you could do creative new ideas with the robot," said Ryan Bastidas, who built a robotic device with six other team members from K.T. Murphy School. Their Brain

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AITE Looks Back as Grads Move On

by Dan Berman06/24/10

Ten was the lucky number at graduation on Wednesday night at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering. The school celebrated its 10th anniversary and, of course, the class of ’10 received its diplomas.

The school, whose mission is to prepare students to work in a technologically advanced world, looked to the future while remembering how far it had come. Ten years ago, “we had an idea … we sacrificed our senior year of high school to see if this could make our future better,” said James Simon, who graduated in the school’s first class, one of just 17 students,

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