Joshua Starr

Joshua Starr

Joshua Starr

Stamford School Board Member Exits in Huff

by Anthony Buzzeo04/11/11

Jerry Pia walked out of Stamford’s Board of Education meeting not once, but twice, Monday night. Pia, the board’s vice president, said he came to the meeting ready to discuss money transfer policies. None of the other board members were, however, and Pia, chairman of the fiscal committee, announced he was going home and left.

“This is ridiculous,” he said several times.

Pia returned to the meeting about 15 minutes later, calmer but still angry. By way of explanation, he said he had met last week with Hugh Murphy, Stamford Public Schools finance

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Stamford Schools To Check Out Potential Principals

by Anthony Buzzeo04/05/11

With several principal positions open for the 2011-12 school year, Stamford Public Schools decided to add an extra step in the selection process. The finalists will visit the schools with openings next week, Superintendent Joshua Starr said during Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting.

“We are looking for local input,” Starr said of the interviews to be done at the schools. The interview committees are made up of two parents, two teachers, a special education teacher/support staff, paraprofessional, current principal, Stamford Education Association president and co-president,

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Stamford Weighs Special Education Cuts

by John Lupton01/19/11

Stamford schools would lose 12 special education teachers and one special education administrator if Superintendent Joshua Starr's proposed spending plan were accepted.

“The cuts to the special education faculty put us more in line with state and federal ratios of teachers to students, but even with these cuts, we are performing at higher levels than those norms,” Starr said Tuesday. “I’m pleased to report that there will be no changes in class size or programs in this budget, and we are confident we can adjust our special ed classes on a case-by-case basis for minimal

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Greenwich Hospital

salutes Quality Award Winner - Marie Downey, RN

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