Gov. Dannel Malloy is confident the addition of 70 trains will make for smoother commutes next winter for Metro-North riders. This past winter some 120 trains were knocked out of service by the harsh weather, causing delays and overcrowding. 

“By the time of the next snowfall we’ll be in better shape,” Malloy said this week in an interview with an editorial team from Main Street Connect. “It is a constant area of development.”

Along with new trains, the governor is looking into adding single cars to existing trains to eliminate overcrowding. Currently, cars must be added in increments of two, which would likely cause cars to be underutilized, he says.

On another transportation matter, Malloy said he does not favor reinstating highway tolls. The only possible exception would be Route 11, and then only until the road was completed. For additional revenue, the governor said he prefers the gasoline tax, even though he says it is not a stable source.

“People are using less gas,” Malloy says, because of high gas prices in Connecticut.

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