Orphaned baby animals, the heroes who save them and an IMAX film that captures the drama of the rescues are the winning trifecta in the film, "Born to Be Wild,"  running through May 26 at The Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk. Narrated by Morgan Freeman, the documentary heads into Borneo's rain forests to meet up with orangutan authority and savior Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas whose foundation has been working since 1986, to combat the hunters and development decimating the orangutan's numbers. 

It then journeys to the African savannah, where Kenyan native Dame Daphne Sheldrick spearheads efforts to save elephants. Continuing her decades of work raising and rehabilitating orphan animals,  Sheldrick also helped develop the milk formula necessary for infant elephants and rhinos. Among her many challenges, Sheldrick and her staff must teach orphaned baby elephants how to become part of a herd family.

The film's writer-producer Drew Fellman, describes working on "Born to Be Wild" as  “a life-changing experience.” He adds, “IMAX makes it possible to share that wonder with the audience in a very profound way that takes us directly into the lives and struggles of these amazing animals.”  And the amazing people so committed to their welfare. Bound to inspire viewers of all ages, "Born to be Wild" plays several times daily at the Aquarium's IMAX theater. Admission is $6.50-$9. For more information, visit the Aquarium's website.