Rain or no rain, Slater Palmer and his older brother Sawyer were going to hunt for Easter eggs Saturday at the Stamford Museum and Nature Center. So they put on their rain jackets and boots and joined the other kids, scouring for colored eggs.

But if the kids didn’t mind the weather, most of the animals at the Nature Center's Heckscher Farm did, remaining huddled under the cover of their shelters. In nicer weather the animals are out of their pens and the kids get to visit with them while collecting eggs, said Victoria Marr, co-curator of Heckscher Farm.

“It’s a fun way to do an Easter Egg hunt with nature,” Marr said, wearing rabbit ears on her head, “The kids enjoy showing the eggs they find to the ducks.”

With hundreds of kids (even on Saturday) scooping up as many of the 2,000 eggs as they could, volunteers had to take the eggs back and rehide them, Marr said. The children weren’t fooled, though, and followed the volunteers, grabbing the eggs as they were hidden.

The event was for children 6 and under. At the completion of the hunt, each child received a goody bag in return for the eggs they had found.

In addition to bringing people to the nature center to celebrate Easter, the hunt also serves as a good preview for Spring on the Farm, coming up May 15.


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