Supporting Slant of Light Theater Company I feel so blessed to have my beautiful sister Sofia in my life. She has always inspired me with her selfless heart. At just thirteen years old, she made the decision to be my bone marrow donor. This was twenty years ago. From the age of three, I began my battle with leukemia. Both the childhood form and the adult form of this cancer threatened my life. Chemotherapy and radiation filled my days (and nights) at Yale New Haven Hospital. By the time I turned six years old, the doctors told my parents that a transplant was my only hope. This was 1990, however, and finding a matching donor was rare. Miraculously, my sister tested a perfect match to my blood type. At the brink of her teenage years, Sofia endured an agonizing procedure to save my life. Even today she continues to serve others as a social worker at a veteran's hospital. It is easy to see why she remains my hero. Last summer, I organized a team of people for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. This wonderful event takes place in communities across the nation in order to raise money for cancer research and support. Sofia and I walked together—in celebration of the hope that only love can bring.