Bobby Valentine, the homegrown former New York Mets manager, is the 2010 Stamford "Citizen of the Year." As part of the award's 65-year-old tradition, Valentine was not aware of his win until family, friends, dignitaries and the media ambushed him at the mayor's office. Valentine was surprised at an 8 a.m. ceremony, just as the snow was beginning to fall.

Valentine was chosen for the award for his work outside of baseball. He founded the Mickey Lione Jr. Fund, which has raised more than $1.5 million in scholarships for local youth athletes. Valentine was also involved with many Stamford charities and events in 2010, including the Sterling House Community Center fundraiser. He also participated in the bike portion of the KIC IT triathlon in June. Valentine will be further honored at a dinner, traditionally held in May.

The award is given out annually in January by the Stamford chapter of the Jewish War Veterans of the United States. Pitney Bowes' Juanita James was the 2009 recipient.

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