The Day of Judgment is coming on Saturday, May 21, if Christian radio host Harold Camping is to be believed. Camping, the president of the Christian radio network Family Radio, predicts that three percent of the world's population will be called up to Heaven on Saturday, while the rest suffer on Earth for five months before the world ends completely.

Family Radio claims on its website that Camping has been able to pick out clues and signs from the Bible that at 6 p.m. on May 21 a horrible earthquake will take place.

"This earthquake will be so powerful it will throw open all graves. The remains of the all the believers who have ever lived will be instantly transformed into glorified spiritual bodies to be forever with God," Camping's website claims. However, for non-believers, the aftermath of the earthquake will be much more devastating. "The inhabitants who survive this terrible earthquake will exist in a world of horror and chaos beyond description."

Camping says the suffering will continue until Oct. 21, when the earth and all of its inhabitants will be destroyed. The reason for God's decision to destroy the world has to do with "the devastating moral breakdown of society," including the formation of the state of Israel and the prevalence of homosexuality.

Camping's warning that Judgment Day is almost upon us has been promoted on billboards across the country. But many Christian groups have criticized the prediction, citing Bible passages that claim it is impossible to know when the end of the world will arrive.

Camping previously predicted the world would end in 1994. When that did not happen, he said important biblical information was not known at the time and that the 2011 date is an accurate prediction.

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