**UPDATED, 1:50 PM**

The Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference has reinstated Hompe, O'Sullivan, Raabe, and Flaherty after hearing their appeals. However, all regular season games played their teams from May 15 through May 23 are automatically forefeited, according to a press release from the CIAC. State playoff seedings will be adjusted accordingly, but for most teams that means forefeiting just one or two games.

The press release went on to say that the incident and the eligibility rule will be further reviewed before the start of the next sping season. A total of nine girls from around the state tried out for the Under Armor All-American All-Star Team and were suspended and since reinstated. Under Armor has held tryouts for their All-Star team for the past three years, but the CIAC has never taken action on any Connecticut players before.


Some of the state's best high school girls lacrosse players were noticeably absent from the FCIAC semifinals Monday night at New Canaan High School. And their absence affected the outcomes of both games as Wilton beat New Canaan, 14-11, and Darien topped Staples, 19-5.

According to multiple sources at the game, New Canaan's Olivia Hompe, Elizabeth O'Sullivan and Wheatley Raabe, Staples leading scorer Maeve Flaherty and at least two other unnamed FCIAC players tried out for the 2011 Under Armor All-American Lacrosse All-Star Team over the weekend. They were suspended for the rest of the postseason due to Connecticut Interscholastic Athletic Conference violations.

According to CIAC rules (Section II, F), players may not participate on more than one team during the high school season. The Under Armor team does not begin play until after the Connecticut season ends.

The suspensions were not limited to the FCIAC, according to the sources, who said that dozens of players statewide received suspensions for trying out for the Under Armor team.

Athletic directors, coaches and players would not comment on the issue, but New Canaan head coach Kristin Wood said she did not learn that she would be without three of her best players until an hour before game time. The suspensions are being appealed to the CIAC.

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