For those of you who who have been wondering whether the huge amount of snow Stamford has received so far this winter has set any season-long cumulative records, the answer is, not yet, says a city official.

“I think the record is 74 to 78 inches. We’re probably in the area of 65,” said Ernie Orgera, Stamford’s director of operations. This season’s cumulative measurement begins with the first winter snowstorm on Dec. 26. Wednesday’s heavy blanket of flakes was the latest snowfall.

With more snow a strong possibility for Friday and Saturday according to the National Weather Service, that record could be broken any day now.

And, with the snow steadily piling up, the city will begin on Friday removing a substantial amount of it, first from downtown and then surrounding areas. It will be relocated to the park area off of Washington Boulevard, at West Park Place, said Orgera.

“We’re going to start the snow removal process tomorrow [Friday] evening,” he said.

It’s pretty much a sure bet the cumulative snowfall record will be broken this season. How long do you think it will take?