Do you like the free summer concerts offered in Stamford and do you drive into the downtown area to enjoy them? There soon might be a price to pay. Motorists who park in any of three centrally located garages during the concerts could be charged $7 to enjoy their evening of free entertainment.

The Board of Representatives will consider that and other parking fee changes at its monthly meeting Monday evening. Parking fee proposals include raising the rates at the Glenbrook and Springdale station lots from $3 to $5 per day and increasing the current $1 per hour rate at St. John’s parking lot to $7 during television show tapings nearby.

The garage fee during Stamford Downtown Special Services District-sponsored evening special events, which would be newly instituted, would apply to the Bell Street, Bedford Street and Summer Street garages. An increase from $46 to $48 is also being considered for a downtown resident monthly permit, and from $46 to $50 for a Downtown Special Services District retail voucher-holder monthly permit.

Stamford Director of Operations Ernie Orgera says the changes are reasonable, and the Board of Representatives’ Transportation Committee voted in favor of them during its January meeting. The committee also voted to extend hours at the downtown garages, on a trial basis, to 24-hour access. The full board also will consider this recommendation at Monday night’s meeting.

Do you park in a municipal garage? Do you think the proposed rate increases are reasonable?