A couple of Stamford schools were highlighted in a story on CNN’s website Thursday afternoon. But it wasn't for their successes. It was for their failures.

CNN Senior Correspondent Allan Chernoff spoke with Superintendent Joshua Starr about No Child Left Behind and how it hurts the school system. “There isn’t one size fits all, and that’s where the government fails,” Starr says in Chernoff’s story.

In the story, Chernoff visits Rogers International and Julia A. Stark Elementary schools to highlight their struggles with No Child Left Behind. The segment begins with students at Rogers International School speaking Mandarin. Chernoff says student performance is going up by double digits in math, reading and writing proficiency, yet the school is still failing by government standards.

“It’s pretty ridiculous. I mean it’s kind of nonsensical," Starr says.

Then William Johnson, principal of Julia A. Stark Elementary School, says that some of the students enroll at age 9, do not know how to speak English and have had no formal education.

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