More Stamford high school students are getting a jump on college by getting higher scores on the most rigorous exams. Stamford was one of the three urban school districts that saw a dramatic increase in the number of students taking Advanced Placement tests. Students typically take AP tests to prepare for college-level work and receive credit if they get above a three on the exam.
The districts with the highest number of AP test-takers in 2010 were Stamford, Greenwich, Fairfield, New Haven and West Hartford, according to the state Department of Education. Stamford participated last year in Project Opening Doors, a directed study and incentive program that culminated with the AP tests. The project's goal is to increase the number of students taking AP courses and AP tests.
According to the College Board, Connecticut is one of the highest-performing states in the country. In 2010, about 70 percent of tests taken had passing scores of a 3, 4 or 5. More than 20,000 Connecticut students took at least one Advanced Placement Test for college credit this year, an increase of about 2,000 students.

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