The cause was serious, yet Norwalk Hospital's Whittingham Cancer Center Walk & Sally's Run was full of smiles. Fairfield County's almost-all physician rock band, DNR, echoed the sentiment of fun. Band members grabbed the mic in between feel-good songs by calling out a name and saying, "You won a new car. Just kidding." Or, "Report to the red van. Pay no attention to the officer waiting for you with cuffs."

Many cancer survivors, along with their friends and families, came out to raise money for the Cancer Center's initiative to develop programs, implement new therapies and continue research. Yvonne Shlansky, a three-year cancer survivor, was touched by the effort and, most of all, by the support of the nearly 30 people who participated in the walk with her. "They're all here for me; it makes me feel unbelievable," Shlansky said. "When I had cancer, I know what got me through. It was their love."

Other running and walking teams also came out to participate. Robin Marshlow and Meg Reinhardt are members of Bosom Buddies, a 19-person group whose youngest member is 5 months old and the oldest is in her mid-60s. They showed up to support family members and friends who have been affected by cancer. Bosom Buddies member Hegy Mosier was walking for friends. "Three of my friends have succumbed to breast cancer, so I'm walking for them," she said.

Brien McMahon High School's soccer coach, Ken Dustin, was there with his team. "I like to get my team out in the community, and my family has been affected by cancer," he said. "Most of all, I just want the community to know that we support them."

A member of Dustin’s squad, Zach Bayles, says events such as this are good for the city and for staying in shape. "It's good to raise money for the fundraiser," he said. "And it's good for us as a team to show support for this cause."

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