Saugatuck Rowing Club won six races, including four Novice events, in a spectacular day of rowing at the Cooper Cup in Camden, N.J.

Saugatuck's winners include Max-Meyer Bosse on the Boys Varsity 1x and Susan Greenberg, Melly Markovic, Louisa Freeman and Alexa Zadravec in the Girls Varsity 4x. Alec Lee also won in the Boys Novice 1x.

Saugatuck won three races in the 8s. The Boys Junior Varsity 8+ consisted of Lauren Hochman, Lachlan Lancaster, Cameron Lancaster, Jay Tsai, Dylan Cutler, Lee Glicklich, Brian Lamy, Nick Bortells and Brian Fairfield. The Girls Novice 8+ comprised Lily Powers, Alison Morrison, Olivia Prehodka, Michelle Muller, Morgan Macey, Greta Dorsey, Allie Diamond, Kaitlyn McCann and Felicity Cain. Saugatuck's final gold came with the Boys Novice 8+ crew of Rebecca Joseph, Jeff Monahan, Cameron Yates, Gene Tsai, Devin Dyson, Jansen van Arsdale, Ian O'Malley, Christoph Bub and Clay Andrews.

Six club boats settled for silver medals. The Boys Lightweight 4+ consisted of Jack Carlson, Brian Clark, Will Ritter, Chris Fincher and Jeremy Rubel. Jake Esse and Jake Petterson won silver in the Boys Varsity 2x, and Sarah Frear and Celine Bondoc were second in the Girls Lightweight 2x. The Boys Varsity 8+ took second with Greg Zales, Remi Amadei, Max Gibson, Chris Babinec, Alex Vogt, Griffin Traynor, John Morrison, Marco Grant and Max Malec.
Harrison Malec finished second in the Boys Novice 1x, and Jack Craymer, Philip DiGiacomo, Michael Smallwood and Ben Shey were second in the Boys Novice 4x.

Three Saugatuck crews took third. The Boys Junior Varsity 4x consisted of Brian Nelson, Nate Morgan, Matt Parrino and Will Cromwell. The Boys Novice 8+ (Lauren Hochman, Andrew Bruggerman, Robert Lawrance, Zach Byer, Harrison Potter, Owen Stuebe, Drew Senesac, Will Lowrie and John Andrews) and the Girls Novice 8+ (Emily Clayton, Allison Gurliacci, Jilian Baum, Kate Rubin, Annie Eick, Adena Coste, Madeline Holzhauer, Kendal Vogt and Erika Zadravec) also finished third.

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