Dentist From Stamford's Reach Spans the Globe

by Katie Drucker04/04/11

Desks become operating tables and deflated soccer balls pillows when dentist Dr. Robert Arbuckle sets up shop in impoverished regions around the world.

Arbuckle, who practices dentistry in Wilton and lives in Stamford, goes on yearly volunteer missions to help children with dental needs through an organization called Healing the Children Northeast, Inc.

"These missions are win-win situations. We get to go to cool, amazing places and then the kids get treated," he says. "There are not many things in life that are win-win."

Arbuckle has been on missions to Cambodia,

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Stamford Hypnotist Hails Power of Suggestion

by Felicia Hunter01/27/11

Look into her eyes. Look very deeply into her eyes. Are you getting sleepy yet?

Hypnosis might not work quite that easily, but it can help address many sleeping, weight and smoking problems, says Stamford hypnotist Meg Tocantins.

“We go into that subconscious where that little program is, and we change the program,” says Tocantins. She explains her work as helping clients alter bad habits, many of which are health-related. Some are nail-biters. Others want to stop overeating.

“I’ve had a couple of clients needing to lose more than 100 pounds.

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