Few Stamford residents living in the Glenbrook and Cove neighborhoods had gone out to vote in the special election for the vacancy in the 148th District House. By 3 p.m. Tuesday, slightly more than 900 people had voted, Stamford’s registrar of voters office said. Polls are open until 8 p.m.

Five candidates are on the ballot: Republican Charles Pia Jr., Democrat Daniel Fox, independent Monique Thomas, Green Party candidate and John Mallozzi, a Democrat running as a petition candidate.

Aija Sedlak, moderator at District 10 at Stamford High School, said a low turnout is expected in any special election with only one seat up for grabs. When more is at stake, more people will vote, Sedlak said.

“There are fewer people today, but we have a few hours to go,” Sedlak said, comparing it with the pervious special election Stamford held in February.

The voter outcome by 3 p.m. for each district was as follows: District 8 at K.T. Murphy: 299 voters; District 9 at Rogers International, 170; District 10 at Stamford High School, 195; and District 11 at Julia A. Stark, 252.

A special election was called after Carlo Leone, the former representative of the 148th District, defeated Bob Kolenberg for the state Senate seat in the 27th District. That special election was necessary after former state Sen. Andrew McDonald took a position with Gov. Dannel Malloy’s administration.

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