K.T. Murphy School

K.T. Murphy School

K.T. Murphy School

Stamford Records Low Voter Turnout

by Anthony Buzzeo04/12/11

Few Stamford residents living in the Glenbrook and Cove neighborhoods had gone out to vote in the special election for the vacancy in the 148th District House. By 3 p.m. Tuesday, slightly more than 900 people had voted, Stamford’s registrar of voters office said. Polls are open until 8 p.m.

Five candidates are on the ballot: Republican Charles Pia Jr., Democrat Daniel Fox, independent Monique Thomas, Green Party candidate Rolf Maurer and John Mallozzi, a Democrat running as a petition candidate.

Aija Sedlak, moderator at District 10 at Stamford High School, said a low

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Stamford Voters To Elect New Legislator Tuesday

by Anthony Buzzeo04/11/11

Stamford residents living in the Cove and Glenbrook neighborhoods should remember to vote Tuesday in the special election to fill the seat in House District 148 in the Connecticut General Assembly.

Five candidates are on the ballot: Republican Charles Pia Jr., Democrat Daniel Fox, independent Monique Thomas, Green Party candidate Rolf Maurer and John Mallozzi, a Democrat running as a petition candidate.

The special election is being held because Carlo Leone stepped down after defeating Bob Kolenberg in a special election in February to represent the 27th District in the

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Stamford Schools To Check Out Potential Principals

by Anthony Buzzeo04/05/11

With several principal positions open for the 2011-12 school year, Stamford Public Schools decided to add an extra step in the selection process. The finalists will visit the schools with openings next week, Superintendent Joshua Starr said during Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting.

“We are looking for local input,” Starr said of the interviews to be done at the schools. The interview committees are made up of two parents, two teachers, a special education teacher/support staff, paraprofessional, current principal, Stamford Education Association president and co-president,

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Stamford Officer Pays a Visit to K.T. Murphy

by Felicia Hunter03/14/11

Stamford Police Officer Mike Nguyen has a special rapport with youngsters. He’s a former elementary school teacher himself. He visited K.T. Murphy School recently to share safety tips and show off gadgets with enthusiastic kindergartners.

“Officer Mike was amazing with the kids and volunteered his time to work with us when he could have been sleeping,” said K.T. Murphy PTO co-president Lorraine Masone. Nguyen works the night shift.

His visit was prompted by the kindergarten reading and writing curriculum, which included reading aloud the book, “Officer Buckle and

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Stamford Students Rally for CMTs

by Felicia Hunter03/02/11

It’s not often students cheer for tests. But K.T. Murphy School will make a revved-up exception Wednesday as students participate in a pep rally for the upcoming Connecticut Master Test.

The event is meant “to cheer our students on and let them know that we care about them, and we think they’ll do well on the CMTs,” said Principal Barbara Friedman. “We want to remind them to go to bed early and have a good night’s sleep, have a good breakfast and to come in prepared and focused the day of the test.”

The rally is for students in grades 3, 4 and 5 who will take

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Songs Take On Bullying in Stamford

by Felicia Hunter02/22/11

Alex Phillipson knows a little something about bullying. He’s been teased a bit in the past. But the 9-year-old fourth-grader realizes bullies just have a hard time sorting out their problems, and instead like to pick on other people.

So, Alex and other students at K.T. Murphy School enthusiastically announced they’d be “Tease Busters!” to help stomp out bullying. That was one of the upbeat songs performed by musician Tommy Gardner during two school assemblies on bullying and kindness Friday, the last day of school before winter break.

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Stamford Schools Open Doors to Community for Tours

by Felicia Hunter01/06/11

Parents, this is for you. Youth program directors, heads of family agencies, real estate agents and other community members, you may join, too, if you wish.

Stamford Public Schools is throwing its doors open, and the district wants you to come in and take a look at how your children are being educated. The welcoming "Tour Your Schools Day" will be offered Friday, Jan. 28.

Every school will offer a morning and afternoon presentation. At K.T. Murphy School, activities for parents will include a PowerPoint presentation, said Principal Barbara Friedman, adding that the event

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K.T. Murphy Earns $500 Check

by Felicia Hunter11/10/10

The Better Schools Bonanza pool of winners just got a little bigger. Stamford's K.T. Murphy School PTO has made a splash into the Main Street Connect promotional waters by getting at least 100 people to register on the MSC website. That earned the PTO $500.

"Our goal is to be the neighbor who brings you the news," said MSC President John Falcone, who presented the check during last night's PTO executive board meeting. "You are the heart of the community. Where you go is where our readers go."

Main Street Connect is the umbrella of TheDailyStamford and nine other local news

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K.T. Murphy Sails Around the Globe

by Felicia Hunter10/25/10

Dressed in traditional Swedish clothing, Kristina Daniels Dougherty and her daughter, Helena, 7, explained their ancestral customs at the Sweden display in the K.T. Murphy School gym Saturday.

"If I were getting married, this is what I'd wear," said Dougherty, who had on her grandmother's 1931 wedding scarf. "Once you're married you wear a white hat, but today I just wore a ribbon." Helena, a second-grader at the school, wore "an everyday apron" for the occasion.

The occasion was the first ever Multicultural Day at K.T. Murphy. The event attracted scores of visitors, who

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Mom Embraces PTO Role at Murphy

by Felicia Hunter10/11/10

There's always something going on at K.T. Murphy School in Stamford, and as PTO co-president, Lorraine Masone is usually front-and-center planning, arranging, telephoning and emailing it.

"I have a cousin who's a principal. She said, 'You need to be involved. The more you know, the better,'" said Masone, who joined the PTO when her 7-year-old second-grader Kaitlyn first started school. Daughter Sophia, 5, is now in kindergarten. Masone's husband, Jim, is PTO treasurer.

Being a PTO officer enables Masone to plan events such as Multicultural Day, slated for Oct. 23, with

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