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Westhill Dugout Work Falls Behind Schedule

by Anthony BuzzeoToday

The construction of the dugouts at Westhill High School’s baseball field has fallen behind pace slightly. A fire at Springdale School last week drew workers away from the field and to the classrooms, Al Barbarotta said at Monday night's Board of Education meeting.

“Classroom space comes before dugouts,” said Barbarotta, director of facilities management for the Stamford Public Schools.

The $100,000 renovation project is being done on a $25,000 budget, piecing the work together between other projects, Barbarotta said. Westhill will play its games at Cubeta Stadium

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Stamford School Board Member Exits in Huff

by Anthony Buzzeo04/11/11

Jerry Pia walked out of Stamford’s Board of Education meeting not once, but twice, Monday night. Pia, the board’s vice president, said he came to the meeting ready to discuss money transfer policies. None of the other board members were, however, and Pia, chairman of the fiscal committee, announced he was going home and left.

“This is ridiculous,” he said several times.

Pia returned to the meeting about 15 minutes later, calmer but still angry. By way of explanation, he said he had met last week with Hugh Murphy, Stamford Public Schools finance

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Stamford Schools To Check Out Potential Principals

by Anthony Buzzeo04/05/11

With several principal positions open for the 2011-12 school year, Stamford Public Schools decided to add an extra step in the selection process. The finalists will visit the schools with openings next week, Superintendent Joshua Starr said during Tuesday night’s Board of Education meeting.

“We are looking for local input,” Starr said of the interviews to be done at the schools. The interview committees are made up of two parents, two teachers, a special education teacher/support staff, paraprofessional, current principal, Stamford Education Association president and co-president,

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Stamford Scrutinizes School Costs

by Felicia Hunter03/16/11

Pension and medical costs of school employees were a primary concern for Board of Finance members Wednesday night as they listened to the head of the city’s school district discuss his proposed operating budget.

“This is certainly something that this board is looking at very closely as we look at the entire budget,” finance board member Kathleen Murphy said of medical costs.

Supt. of Schools Joshua Starr responded that medical outlays are dependent on the negotiation process. “We’re subject to what we can reasonably get in arbitration,” he said.

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Stamford Residents Object to Real Estate Ad

by Felicia Hunter03/15/11

Taking up residence outside of Stamford is one thing. But berating its school system? That’s something that bugs residents.

“Stamford's schools not only provide an excellent education,” says Wendy Lecker, co-president of the Parent Teacher Council, “but, being wonderfully diverse, they enable my children to develop into tolerant citizens who will be able to successfully navigate our increasingly diverse country and world.”

Lecker was responding to an ad in a Stamford newspaper that has led her and others to speak out. In the ad, which features a house for sale

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No Child Left Behind Needs Revamping, Obama Says

by Felicia Hunter03/15/11

Revamping No Child Left Behind could mean that Stamford and other school districts in Connecticut would not be labeled “in need of improvement,” President Barack Obama said Monday. The president is calling on Congress to “fix” the law by the beginning of the next school year.

“We need to make sure we’re graduating students who are ready for college and a career,” the president said in remarks at a Virginia middle school. “In the 21st century, it’s not enough to leave no child behind. We need to help every child get ahead.  We need to get every

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Teens Say Drinking Starts at Home

by Anna Helhoski03/01/11

One big question comes to mind after alcohol-related problems occurred among teens in Stamford and Greenwich: Where do the teens get alcohol in the first place? Students at Greenwich High School agreed the easiest place to get alcohol is from home.

“At parties people have it at their house, it’s just around. Usually people get it from their parents,” said Elizabeth Fawcett, a freshman. Another freshman, Haley Sylvester said, “Our parents don’t give it to us or anything, I think people just take it.” Both girls agreed that most teens know where the alcohol is kept.

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Stamford Kids Celebrate 100 Days of School

by Felicia Hunter02/19/11

For the pupils in Debbie Okun’s kindergarten class at K.T. Murphy School, celebrating the first 100 days of school Friday was sweet. Make that “Yummy.”

That’s the word many students echoed as they bit into pieces of chocolate-and-vanilla cake marking the milestone. Friday, Feb. 18, was the 100th day the youngsters have been in school this academic year.

Five-year-old Gabriella Silba’s mom, Tatiana Silba, made the cake. She worked on it, said Gabriella, “when I was sleeping and when I was at school.”

The youngsters helped decorate it with 100

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Stamford Public Schools Closed Wednesday

by Felicia Hunter02/02/11

All Stamford public schools are closed today, Feb. 2, due to the hazardous weather conditions.

The National Weather Service has issued an Ice Storm Warning for Stamford, with ”dangerously icy conditions” expected. Freezing rain and sleet are expected to hit the area through at least noon today. Up to an inch of accumulated ice is in the forecast.

Do you know of any other cancellations or closings? Add it below?

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Stamford Schools To Dismiss Early Tuesday

by Felicia Hunter02/01/11

Stamford public schools will have early dismissal Tuesday, Feb. 1, because of the bad weather. The Hart Magnet School orientation scheduled for Tuesday at 7 p.m. has been rescheduled for next week, Thursday, Feb. 10, at 7 p.m.

The scheduled early release times for individual schools is as follows.

Elementary schools

12:30 p.m.: Newfield, Northeast and Stillmeadow

1:15 p.m.: Hart Magnet

1:20 p.m.: Davenport Ridge, KT Murphy, Rogers International, Roxbury, Springdale, Julia A. Stark, Toquam Magnet, Westover Magnet

Middle schools

11:45 a.m.:

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