Sure, we're paying a lot more for gas than we did at this time last year, but almost 35 million of us Americans will be hitting the road anyway this Memorial Day weekend.

According to a AAA Southern New England survey, the high price of gas isn't having a huge impact on road-bound holiday travelers, as six of ten people report they'll be hopping in their cars despite it. Still, in order to mitigate costs, 70 percent of motorists state they'll shorten either the length of their summer vacations this year, or they'll take steps to economize during them.

While automobile travel in our area is projected to fall by less than one percent compared with 2010, the forecast for air travel is expected to increase by just over ten percent. Hotel rates are also expected to increase five percent from a year ago as well.

High prices notwithstanding, getting away for the weekend still beats working.

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