Wes Gordon is tall, his lean frame topped by a boyish, mod mop of hair that he casually sweeps over his eyes as he talks. He is polite and charming, with a vaguely Continental affect that lends to his almost old-school Hollywood air of savoir faire. He is, of course, one of high-fashion’s best and brightest up-and-coming stars. And, he’s only 24-years-old.

Currently touring the world with his third collection, he stopped at Saks Fifth Avenue in Greenwich last week to introduce Fairfield County to his pieces for fall 2011. While he was on the avenue, we sat down at Saks for a chat.

“Tailoring,” he said, “is a hallmark of my line.” That much became clear as he walked me through a collection of elegant jackets, marked by a mature combination of deliberate lines and luxurious details. His collection for fall 2011 looks like the wardrobe from a Katherine Hepburn film. The lines are classy and razor sharp. The effect is achingly sexy and unimpeachably sophisticated. Wes Gordon is talented beyond his years.

“Statement coats are so important,” he said when I noticed a black coat, the shoulders impeccably ringed in silver fox fur. “If you’re going to invest in one piece, you can throw a great coat over anything and it will instantly make your outfit.”

A Wes Gordon coat will definitely make any outfit.  I tried on the floor sample of the silver fox coat -- Wes’s favorite, an updated “From Russia, With Love” look. It was stunning. But my favorite by far had a more downtown feel, a  slim, black, just-above-the-knee coat, classic lines made current and relevant by the introduction of leather on the sleeves and collar. Talk about sexy.

“Everyone from ages 20 to 50 loves that piece,” Wes said. “It’s very representative of what I do. I like the idea of luxury, but updating it, making it a little edgier.”

Wes Gordon’s timeless designs are available now at Saks, located at 205 Greenwich Ave., in Greenwich.

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