The Stamford pet of the week is Bliss, an FIV-positive cat who needs a home soon. Bliss has been at the shelter since April and gave birth to four kittens. She took care of them like a wonderful mom before she was diagnosed with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus, a disease that scares many potential adopters.

Unlike leukemia-positive cats, FIV cats can safely live with cats that are FIV-negative. The only way FIV can spread amongst cats is through deep bite wounds, which is unlikely when cats are domestic and living in a household. The disease cannot spread to dogs or humans. The worst thing for a cat with FIV is to endure the stress of a shelter environment because of a weakened immune system. Bliss can live a long and healthy life. She just needs good food, love and a nice home. 

For more information on Bliss, call the Stamford Animal Care & Control Shelter at 7, by or visit Outreach To Pets in Need.

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