John Nimons and about 60 other Synapse employees spent their Thursday at the Childcare Learning Center in Stamford, rebuilding parts of the playground and making other improvements. For Nimons, it was a chance to see the outcome of his labor.

“In business, you don’t get to see the work you do in front of you. Here you do,” he said while he took a break from nailing in the wood beams that surround the playground.

Synapse, a Stamford-based marketing company, allows its employees several days off for community service, said Sarah Orlando, who coordinated the event for Synapse. The program not only gives Synapse employees an opportunity to help the community, it also gives them a chance to build a relationship with co-workers outside of the office.

“People get to meet others in the company that they wouldn’t work with normally,” Orlando said while organizing the other volunteers.

The group was working at the child-care center through HomeFront, a community-based volunteer-driven home repair program. This is the fifth consecutive year that Synapse has volunteered with HomeFront and the second time it has worked at Childcare Learning Center.

HomeFront held its 24th annual HomeFront Day this past Saturday, and 3,000 volunteers repaired 57 low-income homes and seven community centers, a HomeFront statement said. Synapse volunteered for HomeFront day but pushed its service day back to Thursday so more people would be able to help, Orlando said.

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