Service has resumed on the Danbury branch after heavy rains washed out supporting tracks near the Bethel station March 6.

All rail service had been suspended on the line, requiring commuters to take buses to the South Norwalk station to get to trains on the main New Haven Line. Metro-North employees have been working to repair the damaged tracks. A stretch of track 150 feet long was left dangling 30 feet in the air after its supports were washed away, requiring 10 million pounds of stone to fix. Two new culverts with 36-inch pipes were also added to help control flooding.

The trains will operate with speed restrictions of up to 30 mph over the next couple of weeks to allow the foundations to settle, Metro-North said. Starting April 4, buses will run at off-peak times while a new signal system is installed. Busing will continue until Aug. 19.

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