Without saying a word, Bedford Middle School eighth-grader Alye Pollack asks for help against bullying in a YouTube video she posted March 14. Through a series of handwritten signs, Alye tells an emotional story of how she has been bullied at the Westport school since sixth-grade.

"Not a day has gone by without one of these words," one signs reads, followed by another with words kids call her, including fat, ugly and freak as well as some vulgarisms.

Perhaps even more distressing is the effect this bullying has had on her. One of the signs she held up read, "I don't cut. But I'm close..." Another explains how she spends more time in guidance than she does in her classes.

Beyond asking for help, Alye's main message to viewers is that words hurt. "Think before you say things. It might save...Lives," a pair of signs read. "Don't be a killer."

Will Alye's pleas against bullying help? So far, the video, titled "Words Are Worse Than Sticks and Stones," has more than 2,500 views and more than 90 comments, most of which are supportive.

There are other comments, however, that exemplify the issue of bullying, including one that calls her many of the names in the video.

What do you think can be done to address the issue of bullying in school? Please leave your comments below.

*The Daily Wesport was alerted to this video on March 21 by Twitter user igurlct. We withheld the video hoping to first gather as much information regarding bullying in Westport and what's being done about it. A full-length story examining bullying in the school system will follow next week.