The planned Stamford Innovation Center was on the tip of everyone’s tongues at Tuesday’s meeting of Reinventing Stamford. The meeting brought together businesspeople and city officials to promote the idea of the center, which would serve as an incubator for start-up businesses.

“You helped transform Stamford into the best small city in the world,” said Mayor Michael Pavia, who gave his endorsement to the Center. He added said it would help spur the city’s growth by attracting new businesses and people.   

The plan is to locate the Innovation Center in Old Town Hall, where it would provide a place for entrepreneurs who have achieved success to mentor those just starting, said Center president Patricia Meagher.   

“What we’re trying to achieve is to get the entire entrepreneur community in this building,” Meagher said.

Start-ups given space at Old Town Hall would have a certain amount of time — not yet defined — to get their businesses up and running before they would have to move out on their own, Innovation Center Chairman Kevin Segalla said.

The Center’s board is getting the word out in an effort to attract sponsors, mentor entrepreneurs and companies just getting started, Segalla said. There is no estimated start date for the project, but Segalla said that he and the board are “working on it.” Reinventing Stamford is a partnership of city government and business to make the city more innovative and diversified.  

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