Four-and-a-half-year-old Luca considers himself to be an ice cream sundae connoisseur. "I will eat it all,” he said of his triple-scoop sundae from Sunny Dae’s in Westport. “Strawberry is my favorite.”

The ice cream sundae turns 119 years old Sunday, but Luca doesn’t seem deterred by the age of one of his favorite desserts. When I told him today was the ice cream sundae’s birthday, he said, “That’s crazy!” Then, he took a bite.

Even crazier, the ice cream sundae has an official website, According to the dedicated researchers there, the ice cream sundae was born April 3, 1892, in Ithaca, N.Y. Legend has it that the Rev. John M. Scott dropped by an ice cream counter at the Platt and Colt pharmacy after Sunday services for his usual scoop of vanilla. But instead of his traditional dish, Chester Platt changed the future of ice cream and served the Reverend a scoop of vanilla dipped in cherry syrup and topped with a candied cherry. Unsure of what to call this new treat, the Reverend suggested it bear the name of the day. The Cherry Sunday was born.

As he put down his sundae Sunday, this pint-size Norwalker was less interested in the back story than he was the task at hand. When I asked him what he thought people could do to celebrate the ice cream sundae’s birthday, he said, “Eat a lot of them. Except,” he paused, “If you’re allergic. Some people are allergic.”

Fortunately for Luca, his system seems to tolerate the ice cream sundae rather well. Wiping his chocolate-y mouth he said, “I ate it all.”

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