How are you sleeping these days? Do you wake up bright and chirpy, or exhausted from a night spent tossing and turning? The way your bedroom looks can have an effect on sleep quality, so here are some decorating tips that may help you get more rest.

* If your bedroom is painted red, chances are you’re not getting the seven or eight hours of sleep a night the doctor ordered. Red is a color that stimulates appetites and conversation. That’s why it’s great in a dining room. Get out the paint rollers and switch to pale blues and greens. These colors promote a sense of peace and calm.

* Reading before you fall asleep, even if it’s just a few paragraphs, is a good way to unwind. Make sure you have a good light on your bedside table. If space is tight, mount a swing-arm lamp on the wall.

* If your bed is just a mattress with a box spring, anchor it in the room with a nice headboard.  Add a bed skirt to give it a finished look.

* A messy bedroom does not promote relaxation. Try to keep clothing clutter under control. Buy a pretty laundry hamper and use it. A bench at the end of the bed is another good landing place for clothing.

* If you like to watch television before going to sleep, consider investing in a new adjustable bed. New king and queen models come with separate adjustments so you can dream sweetly while your partner channel surfs.

Is your bedroom ready for a makeover? Want some tips? Send me a photo and I’ll give you some ideas. You’ll find me on Facebook.