The Stamford Board of Education’s $230 million budget for 2011-12 sailed through the Board of Finance Thursday night hitting only a few ripples. The BofF approved the budget, 4-2, with member Bob Kolenberg praising the school board for keeping costs in check.   

“To the Board of Education, moving forward please do the same thing,” Kolenberg said.

The budget approved by the Board of Finance calls for an increase of 2.79 percent, or just over $6.2 million.

The budget did come under fire, however, from board member Scott Mirkin, who wanted cuts of about $46,500. Mirkin said he had two “small issues” with the plan. One was that the mayor and his cabinet took salary freezes for the coming year and the Board of Education did not. The other was overpayments.

“There is not a great track record about getting money back,” Mirkin said of the overpayments, which would cut $25,000 from the schools budget.

Board member Timothy Abbazia said that while he understood Mirkin’s position, he was against the cuts. In addition to agreeing with Kolenberg about the school board’s restraint, he said the school board probably cut more than it wanted to in some places and that the spending would even out.

Mirkin’s proposed cut was voted down, 4-2. Board Chairman Gerald Bosak Jr. was the other member supporting it. School board members and parents present for the vote applauded.

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