Jamiss Sebert said the potential government shutdown couldn't come at a much worse time. Sebert, director of the Connecticut Passport Agency in South Norwalk, said early spring is usually one of the busiest times of the year. Her agency processes passport applications from residents of Connecticut and Rhode Island.

"With spring break coming up, there's usually a last-minute rush," she said. To compound matters, Saturday is the third annual Passport Day in the USA, a nationwide event at which expedited applications will be processed without an additional fee and applicants can receive expert advice on the process.

"I'm hopeful the shutdown will be averted and we'll be able to hold Passport Day as scheduled," said Sebert. However, the U.S. State Department has issued this statement: "In the event of a government shutdown, the Department of State's Passport Day in the USA, scheduled for April 9, 2011, will not be held."

Sebert said, "The best thing is to check the State Department's website. That will have the latest, most current information."

In anticipation of a potential shutdown by the government and the passport agency, many travelers are rushing to get their passports so that spring trips won't have to be canceled. "The last couple of days people who had appointments next week have been rescheduling them to this week," said Sebert. "That still might not guarantee they get their passports, however."

How would a government shutdown affect you?