Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia believes his city is headed in the right direction, even in the middle of a difficult budget season, as he looks at all of the recent and planned construction.

“The interesting thing is the future is now,” Pavia said, pointing to a future map of Stamford’s South End during his State of the City address Wednesday.

The new office and apartment space in the South End will include the Gateway building, which will be by the Stamford Transportation Center, and the Lofts at Yale and Towne in Harbor Point, which has already rented all of its apartments, he said.

The West End of Stamford will also see improvements, Pavia said. Among the changes coming are the addition of Chelsea Piers, which should open late next spring, and the expansion of Stamford Hospital.

The mayor didn't have all the answers on the future look of the city. Pavia could not account for the empty downtown property at Tresser Boulevard and Greyrock Place, better known to residents as “the hole in the ground.” Pavia said the city is considering a few options. “I don’t even know what to say,” Pavia said when asked about the property, “We’re just hoping we get cooperation from the property owner.”

Pavia also is worried about the deterioration of the city’s infrastructure, pointing to the West Main Street Bridge, which has been closed to pedestrians as well as motor vehicles. However, he hopes the capital budget for next year will have funds to upgrade roads and sidewalks. The capital spending proposed by Pavia next year allots for $45.8 million, a total of $34.3 million on the city’s infrastructure alone.

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