It looks like Fairfield dodged a bullet. A list of Borders bookstores expected to close in the company’s bankruptcy filing was made public Wednesday. Fairfield’s store was absent from the list. Stores in Wilton, Milford and Danbury were not so lucky. Borders Group President Michael Edwards told his investors Wednesday that the closures were a necessary move.

"It has become increasingly clear that in light of the environment of curtailed customer spending, our ongoing discussions with publishers and other vendor related parties, and the company's lack of liquidity, Borders Group does not have the capital resources it needs to be a viable competitor and which are essential for it to move forward with its business strategy to reposition itself successfully for the long term," Edwards said in a statement.

The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Wednesday morning, citing more than $500 million in debt. As part of its reorganization, 30 percent of its 672 Borders and Waldenbooks stores will close. Six Connecticut stores -- Milford, Danbury, Wilton, Manchester, Southbury and Simsbury -- are officially on the chopping block. Fairfield County will keeps its stores in Fairfield, Stamford and Trumbull.

Edwards said the company will focus on its online retailing in the future. The affected stores are expected to close in the next few weeks.

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