A Norwalk teen who threw a party in a vacant Stamford house last year turned himself in Wednesday on a warrant charging him with criminal trespass. Jonathon Tabora-Rosa, 18, of 232 Ely Place, was one of eight teenagers who threw a party at a home at 40 Redmont Road a year ago, police reported. The home was on the market, authorities said. Seven of the teenagers were caught that night, but Tabora-Rosa evaded police. Stamford police were able to learn his identity and obtain an arrest warrant. He was released on a $100 bond and is due in court on March 3.

Also from the police department:

■ Brayan Escuerdo, 18, of 13 Liberty St. in Stamford was arrested Wednesday on charges of third-degree criminal trespassing.

■ Jayron Nino, 27, of 75 Smith St. in Stamford was arrested Wednesday on charges of improper use of a marker, failure to display reflector safety number plates, illegal operation of a motor vehicle with a license class violation, failure to insure a private motor vehicle and failure to register a commercial motor vehicle.

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