Stamford customers should see better cell phone coverage after Verizon Wireless recently introduced an upgrade in two sections of the city. The change brings expanded service to Verizon customers in the Springdale and Belltown areas.

“In just the past month, we’ve activated two new cell sites in Stamford,” said Michael Murphy, New England Region spokesman for Verizon Wireless. “These new sites bring expanded wireless voice and 3G data coverage along Hope Street, Knapp Street and Route 106 in the Springdale area of Stamford, and along Newfield Avenue and Oaklawn Avenue in the Belltown area of Stamford.”

Murphy said the 3G service provides faster data transfers, making the cell phone a “virtual PC.” This allows for speedy web browsing, quality streaming video, the ability to download and play 3D games, send emails and text messages with video and picture attachments, experience free long-distance calling with Skype mobile and other amenities. The service is available to Stamford residents using smartphones and mobile broadband, said Murphy.

“Our network investment in Fairfield County – and across all of New England – has kept us ahead of wireless data trends, providing our customers a reliable network advantage and underscored our belief that any mobile device is only as good as the network it runs on.”

To help determine service needs, Verizon monitors selected travelers whose vehicles have been equipped with computers. Those computers attempt voice calls and data tests on Verizon and other carriers’ networks.

Murphy added that Verizon’s “proactive and sustained“ investment in New England has amounted to  $2.8 billion since 2000. Last Thursday, Feb. 10, the iPhone 4 became available to Verizon customers. Before that, the iPhone was accessible only to wireless users with AT&T service.