The Stamford Board of Education is the governing body for all elementary and secondary public schools in Stamford, as directed by original articles of the Connecticut Constitution, which mandated: “There shall always be free public elementary and secondary schools in the state.”

There are approximately 15,000 children in Stamford schools in grades pre-kindergarten through 12.

The board is comprised of nine members elected to three-year terms on a staggered basis. Each member represents the city as a whole.

State statute requires that within one month of the election of new members the board elect officers from its membership to run meetings and serve on board committees.

Board members may not be employed by the Board of Education on which they sit. If a board member is found to be employed in violation of this rule, his or her office automatically becomes vacant and a special election is set.

Funding for the school board is a line item in the City of Stamford’s budget, which is generated from taxes, fees and other revenues sources. In 2011, the budget for the BoE is approximately $200 million, compared to the City’s operating budget of approximately $180 million.

The board’s budget consists of capital outlays to cover all items costing $25,000 or more and allocations to operate  the schools and for administration and faculty salaries.

The Superintendent of Schools and all other administrators, faculty and support personnel are employees of the Board and compensated from board funds.

All school buildings and other school-related facilities are maintained and funded by the Board.

The Board is charged with finding and hiring a Superintendent of Schools and all other supporting administrative staff for each school and for the Superintendent’s office.

Hiring support staff for all school system departments is also the responsibility of the Board.

Stamford's magnet schools offer educational choices to parents through innovative programs of theme-based instruction. While the programs at the magnet schools are described briefly here, more details on each program are available from the individual schools.

There are 12 elementary schools in Stamford. Three – Hart, Toquam and Westover – are magnet schools that enroll students from all parts of Stamford by a lottery process.

Rogers International School is a inter- district environmental magnet school attracting students from Stamford and surrounding communities. It enrolls students through a lottery process. Rogers also offers the International Baccalaureate program.

The other eight elementary schools enroll students based on residence.

There are five middle schools in Stamford. Scofield is a magnet school that enrolls students from all parts of Stamford by a lottery process. Rippowam offers the IB program to one half of its students.

The Academy of Information Technology and Engineering is an inter-district magnet high school that enrolls students on a lottery system. Seventy percent of its students are Stamford residents and 30% come from 10 surrounding towns.

The two other high schools, Westhill and Stamford, are traditional high schools for grades nine through 12.

To find the addresses served by each Stamford school use the school lookup by street.