Welcome to the fourth installment of Main Street Connect's new weekly series, the Golf Tip of the Week, featuring Danny Balin. This week, Danny gives more pointers on one of the most notorious problem for golfers — slicing.

Danny is the teaching professional at Burning Tree Country Club in Greenwich and has competed in many PGA events, including the PGA Championship last summer. In each video, Danny gives short and simple instructions on fundamentals of the game. Whether you want to fine-tune your game or you are picking up golf for the first time, Danny is here to help!

If you miss a tip, don't worry — a link to all the previous videos will be in the following week's tip. Check back next Friday for more advice from Danny to improve your golf game.

MSC Golf Tip 1: The Grip

MSC Golf Tip 2: The Stance

MSC Golf Tip 3: Slicing, Part 1

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