Deirdre Featherstone has always been a jeweler. “In the fourth grade, I got a report card where my teacher wrote ‘Deirdre would be a much better student if she weren’t sitting in the back of the class playing with beads and other tiny things.’” Fortunately for jewelry lovers everywhere, she did not heed her teacher’s advice. She chose instead to open Featherstone Design, an eponymous line of custom jewelry.

Based in New York City since the mid-eighties, Deirdre has a long-standing Fairfield County connection. “I met Diane in 1985,” Deirdre tells me. She’s referring to Diane Roth, the proprietor of the uber-chic New Canaan Boutique, L’Armoire. “A customer of hers came in wearing a pin I had created for her. Diane took one look at it and said, ‘Who made that for you? I need to know that person.”

Since then, Deirdre has been faithfully showing her line of custom, high end pieces at L’Armoire four times a year. “Diane was the one who convinced me to move from sterling silver designs to 18 karat gold pieces. From there, I moved onto platinum.”

Part of what makes Deirdre’s designs unique is that she creates pieces with input from her clients. "I like to ask people how they want to feel when they wear the piece. I like to really try to capture their essence. I’ll ask them to bring me pictures of things they like -- pictures of furniture -- anything they just like the look of. The last thing I want is a photo of someone else’s design. I just want to get a feel for their aesthetic.”
Deirdre also designs custom engagement rings. “Those are fun. I’ll ask, ‘Why is this person the one you want to marry? Give me three words that come to mind when you think of this person? That’s my jumping off point when I design something as personal as an engagement ring.”

You’ll have a chance to share your own aesthetic with Deirdre on March 11, when she’ll be back in New Canaan with her friend, Diane, at L’Armoire. “It’s always fun to head up there,” Deirdre says. “And I have some pretty terrific pieces I’m bringing with me.”

Head over and introduce yourself to Diane and Deirdre. They’ll be at L’Armoire from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. L’Armoire is located at 102 Park Street, in New Canaan.

Do you have a favorite custom piece? What images would you share with Deirdre to create a design just for you? Leave a comment here, or email me at .