Community Supported Agriculture programs, which are partnerships between growers and consumers, continue to gain momentum as members commit to supporting farms throughout the growing season in a variety of ways.

Members buy in for a fixed fee before the season. Members then pick up their share of the harvest weekly, biweekly or monthly, depending on the arrangement with the farm. Some farms incorporate a volunteer component to the contract, asking families to set up or break down stands at a pickup location. And according to the folks at the Fairfield Green Food Guide, such requirements are great opportunities to connect with the agriculture community, swap recipes and share culinary ideas.

If a Community Supported Agriculture program sounds right for you, there are plenty in Fairfield County still accepting members. Here is a list from the Fairfield Green Food Guide:

• Easton’s Sport Hill Farm

Stoneledge Farm in Hudson Valley, N.Y., which offers drops in Stamford, Wilton/Norwalk, Southport and Ridgefield

Gazy Brothers Farm in Oxford, serving all of Fairfield County

BR Farmstand, a multifarm program serving Black Rock and Fairfield

Laurel Ridge Farm, a 100 percent grass-fed beef farm, serving Fairfield County

Laurel Ridge proprietor John Morosani makes deliveries in the town of Fairfield but hasn’t yet penetrated the Stamford market. He’d like to and needs four or five Stamford customers to sign on to add the city to his delivery route.

Morosani has three subscription levels: $77.50 per month for 10 pounds of beef, $150 for 20 pounds and $217.50 for 30 pounds. Agreements are for a minimum six months’ worth of deliveries.

“We have different types of beef every month,” he said. “You can choose it up to about 30 percent steaks, 30 percent roast and 40 percent ground beef.” His customers usually are consistent about their preferences from month to month. Morosani’s customers are families, not food establishments. “I never heard of too many that are done for restaurants,” he said.

Although his main product is beef, other meat choices, such as pork, are available at certain times of the year, said Morosani. His customers get savings in listed prices by being program members. For those who purchase 10 pounds of beef per month, the savings is about 10 percent. It’s about 13 percent for 20 pounds, and 16 percent for 30 pounds, said Morosani.

For more information about the Laurel Ridge Farm beef Community Supported Agriculture program, call John Morosani at 2. 

Felicia Hunter contributed to this story.

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