Hello, Stamford! I am the new town reporter for TheDailyStamford.com and am writing to introduce myself and ask for your input regarding “Office Hours.”

First, feel free to call me “T.J.” I was born and raised in Stamford, where I still live. After graduating from Stamford High School in 2006, I went on to study journalism at Quinnipiac University and received my degree last May.

I have been working for Main Street Connect as the town reporter for TheDailyWilton.com. since leaving Quinnipiac. Recently, I was offered the opportunity to cover Stamford, and immediately accepted.

You and your friends and neighbors will have an opportunity to meet me and discuss The Daily Stamford’s coverage during my “office hours.” I will be at a public place, and you can let me know about stories that should be covered, stories that have another side to report and anything else you want to discuss.

In Wilton, I would go to Starbucks every Tuesday morning, and a few people would stop by each week to give me their perspective on events in town. TheDailyStamford.com and its sister sites want to be your “digital town green,” where you can catch up on the talk of the town. “Office hours” are a great way to help make that happen.

Please tell me what time and place for “office hours” would work best for you. My only request is that it be a place that has free wi-fi so I can work between visitors.

I look forward to meeting you and being your source of hometown news.

Please comment below or email with suggestions or questions about office hours.